#84 - Sending out selfies willy nilly

This week, your heroes have put together an episode of Techdown that is almost surely record-breaking in length as well as quality! We briefly review the latest IT remake, talk about wireless mesh networks and then go whole hog into a discussion of the announcements that Apple has bestowed upon us on this day. We're talking cellular watches, 4K Apple Tvs, and iPhones of the X and 8 varieties. It's a shame that so much of the info in this event leaked ahead of time, but I think we've managed to be excited nonetheless!

#83 - Sitting on That One All Summer

The handsomest podcasters in all of tech are back to talk summer trips, fantasy football, and an upcoming Apple event that's more hotly anticipated than any in recent memory.

We're fairly confident about a lot of things that are going to be announced next week, but there's definitely a lot to be excited about. And Apple is really good about using events like this to market features in such a way that they go from "Huh. That could be cool." to "Whoa I gotta have that take all my money!" in the blink of an eye.

#82 - Bourbon Nation

This week our heroes discuss running around and throwing colors in Ypsilanti, drinking beer in Ypsilanti, and dropping our phones onto the sidewalk in (you guessed it) Ypsilanti. We also discuss some video games and how iPads are the future of computing, which I wouldn't are is Ypsilanti-related per se.

So pour yourself a glass of your favorite batch of Woodford Reserve, dim the lights, and come along with us on this grand experience we like to call Techdown.

#81 - WWDC Keynote Reactions

Perhaps the cruelest trick Apple has ever pulled was providing recording studios at WWDC in hour long blocks after a keynote that's over two hours long and jam-packed with discussable material. Given that Aaron and I aren't used to dealing with time constraints like these, we apologize if this episode seems rushed. On the plus side though, Apple has really good recording equipment which makes me sound great.

But somehow, we managed to hit all the big WWDC keynote topics including new Macs and iPads, AR, VR, High Sierra, iOS 11, and the introduction of the HomePod. We also make time to talk about cats, and the results of our first draft. 

Hold onto your hats, because this episode is a humdinger.

#80 - WWDC Keynote Draft 2017

Our first draft! I've been a big fan of doing drafts on podcasts ever since I started listening to The Incomparable and it's definitely something I've wanted to bring to Techdown for a while. I'm pumped that Aaron was on board to try something new, and I think the result was highly entertaining. It also allows us to raise our WWDC expectations (so that they can be dashed in a couple of days) and to look like fools when the things we predict don't end up coming to fruition. Good times.

Adam's Picks

Aaron's Picks

We also have our first Mail Time this episode, which I believe went splendidly. I don't want to spoil anything about it in the episode notes, so I'll just say that Aaron is really really good at giving gifts and this was no exception. You'll have to listen to find out