#75 - Hot Tea

If you like videogames, televisions, and political discussions, then this latest episode is going to deliver. Buckle up, put some smooth jazz on in the background, and do whatever else it is that you get ready for the only technology podcast on the internet.

We at Techdown Inc have started getting back into some semblance of a schedule. So much so that Aaron slipped up and called us a "weekly" podcast in this episode's intro. Hopefully the extra content is not too much of an inconvenience for you.

#73 - Beta of a Beta

This week is jam-packed with good stuff. Chock full, if you will. If there was any doubt at all, we chocked it in there. This week, we cover two controversies, give our impressions on a couple of phones and a set of wireless headphones, and celebrate a very special 1 year anniversary.

Take our hand, and join us on this wonderful journey I like to call "Episode 73 of Techdown."

#72 - An Idealized Ear Canal

Well guys. The end of summer is nigh. The days are getting shorter, and the holiday season is fast approaching. And that can only mean one thing:

New Apple products.

This week, Aaron and I delve into every last gory detail of today's Apple Event. We're talking new Apple Watches, iPhones, Air Buds, and other various cool stuff designed to delight and drain the wallet. These are are hot takes, filled to the brim with uneducated opinions, and incorrect reporting. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt, and enjoy!

#71 - The Unweekly Podcast

Back in the saddle again! This week, Aaron and I take a deep dive into the iOS 10 and WatchOS 3 betas. What we like, what we don't, and what we don't like but there is an option that I learn I can change to make things the way I want. Maybe Apple should rethink some defaults, is all I'm saying.

It was fun giving some in depth impressions of some of the latest betas, but what I'm really excited about is when all the official releases happen. That's when we'll really be able to leverage the synergies of the platform updates, as well as see all the great app updates that developers have made with the latest APIs. I have a feeling that that's what's really going to knock people's socks off.