#14 - Techdown's Top Apps of 2014

This is a topic that's certainly near and dear to our hearts.

Anybody involved in software development knows what a difficult process it can be to create... well, anything, at times. There are a million little decisions that go into the design, development, testing, and release of a product, and any one of those decisions could make or break the entire thing. It's a grueling process, not for the faint of heart of the thin of skin. But if you work hard, stay focused, communicate effectively, make good decisions, and get just a little bit lucky, then occasionally the result of your endeavors is something magical and transcendent.

These are the apps that we consider to be a cut above the rest. They help us save time, entertain, inform, inspire, and delight us. They set an example that the rest of the app development community should strive to achieve. These are Techdown's top apps of 2014.

Aaron's Top Apps

Adam's Top Apps