#55 - The Best App Developer Since Sliced Bread

If you're on a diet, you might want to just skip this episode, because we talk about food a lot. I'm pretty much convinced that the only reason that Aaron went to New York at all, in fact, was to eat as much food as he could and then talk about it on the podcast.

One of the most unexpected side benefits of signing up for Blue Apron is that it's possible to have meal discussions with people that you've not eaten that meal with. If that makes any sense. Basically, I can eat dinner one night, and in the next couple of days hear what my friends and family thought about that exact same meal. Some mornings, I've discussed dinner with my coworkers in much the same way that we might discuss a really good episode of television from the night before. It's an interesting social experience, and definitely a part of the reason that I can see myself sticking with Blue Apron for a while.

Here's a list of stuff from this episode that you should check out: