#58 - Top Apps of 2015

Ah, the end of the year. The days are shorter, the weather chillier, and a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of the Techdown "Best of 2015" lists.

This week, we've stolen a page from our friends at the Top Four podcast, and whittled our favorites down to a cool tetrad. And when the votes were counted, the bribes cashed, and death threats heeded, we were both left with what I consider to be some very respectable lists. If you've somehow missed out on some of these apps over the course of the year, dear listener, then this is your chance to get caught up on some seriously grade A software.

Aaron's Top Apps of 2015

  1. Spotify (iOS - Free)
  2. Google Maps (iOS, Free)
  3. Dark Sky (iOS, $3.99)
  4. Tweetbot 4 (iOS / Mac, $4.99)

Adam's Top Apps of 2015

  1. Photos (iOS / OS X, Free)
  2. Plex (iOS / Apple TV, Free)
  3. Hearthstone (iOS, Free)
  4. AMRC (iOS, Free)