#29 - WWDC Invites, Apple Watch Preorders, and Hearthstone for Phone

Some weeks, it really pays wait a couple of days to record our podcast so that exciting nerd-news can drop on Tuesday and then we can have a rousing discussion about it on Wednesday. This is definitely one of those weeks. And I mean, some weeks nothing happens on Tuesday and it looks like we're just procrastinating but I can assure you that that's never the case.

We talk about Hearthstone being released on phones a bit in this week's episode, which I really do think is a fascinating topic. Next week though, we're looking to have a good discussion about the game itself, which means that Aaron has homework that consists, basically, of playing Hearthstone. Which means that if you're following along at home then you, dear listener, also have some Hearthstone-homework as well. I'm almost certain that you'll all thank me later.