#39 - Movies, Podcasts, Music, and Workouts

About a week ago, I noticed that you could get a two pack of the Auphonix Blue Yeti Pop Filters from Amazon for $4 *less* than a single pop filter from the same company. Needing a pop filter, knowing that Aaron also needed a pop filter, and not being the type to pass up a good deal, I purchased the 2 pack with the intention of giving the additional filter to my brother.

Well, when Aaron and I met up this weekend, not only did I forget to bring him his pop filter, but apparently he had also noticed the same "2 for cheaper than 1" deal that Auphonix/Amazon had goin' on, had made the purchase with the same (but opposite!) intentions as me... AND also had the common decency to remember to bring it to me (in addition to a bunch of cool shirts from Need Edition) as a belated Father's Day gift! That thoughtful jerk!

Anyway, long story short, you should really let us know how you think our P's sound this episode.