#41 - Reddit Drama, iOS 9 Initial Reactions

In this week's episode of the show, our intrepid hosts discuss the meltdown that the "Front Page of the Internet" has been having over the past couple of weeks, and give our impressions of iOS 9 after spending some time with it on our daily driver phones.

Aaron was too kind to mention it while we were recording, but just as was the case with my school homework, I've neglected to do my Techdown Homework. I've not yet "Uber'd around" as some say. Turns out, it's actually really hard to come up with reasons to have somebody drive you somewhere when you work from home and have a newborn. But I'm not making excuses! I've marked an F in my grade book and will be looking for some extra credit to salvage this semester of Techdown. Maybe I can Uber to Ohio or something.