#59 - Top Songs of 2015

Music and technology really do go together like chocolate and peanut butter, don't they? 2015 seemed like the year that streaming services really started to gain traction. In fact, Aaron and I found most of our favorite songs of 2015 because of streaming services - through Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist.

Having access to basically all professionally recorded music is fantastic, but being able to smartly recommend that music to people is game altering. I'm obviously very excited about the future of streaming music, Taylor Swift and Adelle be damned.

Aaron's Top Songs of 2015

  1. I Took a Pill in Ibiza (SeeB Remix) - Mike Posner (Spotify / YouTube)
  2. Penelope - Zak Waters (Spotify / YouTube)
  3. For You (Bearcubs Remix) - Gavin James (Spotify / YouTube)
  4. $ave Dat Money - Lil Dicky (Spotify / YouTube)

Adam's Top Songs of 2015

  1. Killer Whales - Smallpools (Spotify / YouTube)
  2. No Room in Frame - Death Cab for Cutie (Spotify / YouTube)
  3. Speedom (Wwc2) - Tech N9ne (Spotify / YouTube)
  4. Sorry - Justin Bieber (Spotify / YouTube)

Still hungry for more top songs? We've got you covered!

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