#66 - Tiger Meat

Today's wonderful topics include baby sign language, Adam's new car, Cindy's iPad Pro experiment, and Adam's new Apple TV app.

We talk briefly in this episode about how I hope that my new Apple TV app, "Prime", gets approved and is in the Apple App Store by the time this episode airs. Well, I received an iTunes Connect email shortly after recording informing me that I had, in fact, been rejected again. For metadata reasons, again.

One problem is fairly easy to fix, though I've never heard of people having to do it before. Apparently since Prime requires a server running Plex in order to work, I need to submit a video of me using the app before they can approve it. I feel special.

The other problem, though, is that they don't like the name "Prime - Plex Movies and TV Shows". Apparently it "creates a misleading association with a third party." So now I'm left wondering which third party I'm creating a misleading association with!