#70 - Little Things Keep Popping Up

In our latest episode of Techdown, our hosts talk about vacations, home automation, and the recent outbreak of Poké-fever that has infected both the young and the old. 

Personally, thought I wasn't at risk for Poké-fever since I already caught it back in high school. I was cured when my friend Bill and I traded some Pokémon in his truck after school and we both realized that what we were doing was decidedly "not cool." We were late for band practice. (I have no idea how I managed to trick a human woman into marrying me.)

This latest Pokémon outbreak is awesome though. Since the game is played out in the open (and not hidden away in Bill's truck), you can see all the people around you are playing at any given time. There's a sense of community, even if you choose not to talk to any other trainers. And if you do want to start a conversation with another trainer, you know that you share a common interest. We need more games like this.